Surrey Schools

Surrey Focus Day 2020

Jointly Sponsored by SD#36 and the STA

 February 21, 2020
  Surrey, BC
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Keynote - Teaching to Diversity: Inclusion in the 21st century

Inclusive education has moved beyond a focus on students with disabilities to a recognition that all students are diverse. In this keynote address, Dr. Katz shares the latest thinking, research, and practical strategies for universally designing learning K-12 considering the diversity of students in today’s classrooms, including Indigenous worldviews and considerations for social and emotional learning and mental health.


  • Dr. Jennifer Katz

    Dr. Katz received her PhD in 2008 from the University of British Columbia in inclusive education. She is the author of “Teaching to Diversity: The Three Block Model of Universal Design for Learning” and "Resource Teacher: A Changing Role in the Three-Block Model of UDL". Her third book "Ensouling Our Schools", written with Indigenous educator Kevin Lamoureux, has just been released. Dr. Katz has been a successful sessional lecturer, educational consultant, classroom teacher, resource teacher, special educator, editor, and guidance counselor. She taught in diverse classrooms from K-12 in Winnipeg and Vancouver for 16 years where she developed the Three-Block Model, including special education classrooms, inclusive classrooms, youth centres, and alternative high school programs. Her work as an advocate of inclusive education  and universal design for learning (UDL) has spanned several countries, provinces and territories, and multiple audiences, including university courses, academic conferences, parent advocacy groups, educational conferences, school and division based professional development workshops, and most importantly, direct work with children and youth in schools and alternative settings. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia where she teaches courses and conducts research related to inclusion and the Three-Block Model of UDL.