Addressing Mental Health Issues in the Classroom

Teachers are noticing the increasing numbers of students in their classes who are exhibiting behaviours that are problematic and perplexing. This five-hour workshop will help develop teachers’ understanding of what mental health issues might look like in students and how best to help the students in their classrooms. Teachers aren’t expected to be psychologists or medical practitioners in resolving these issues, but there are ways for them to help students with mental health issues.


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

This session is full.


  • Janice Neden

    Teacher in Nanaimo/Ladysmith SD. Taught since late 70s in BC public school system. Previous roles include; BCTF Assistant Director in PSID, Past President of LATA PSA, Past PSAC SAC member, PIAC, Learning Resource Teacher, Primary Teacher, Reading Recovery Teacher, Masters of Education (U. Vic 2005), International teaching. Have taught in Nanaimo, Fort Nelson, Williams Lake as well as Hangzhou and Fuyang China. Current roles include BCTF workshop facilitator and developer, BCTF peer mentorship consultant, TTOC & TTOC Chair in SD 68. 

  • Ashley Kennedy