Assistive Technology Tools for Secondary Transition, Teachers of Grade 6 and 7 Students

Having experience using assistive technology tools in grade six and seven can help students feel more confident as they make the transition to their secondary school years.  The focus of this workshop is to help teachers (LST, IST, Classroom) who are new, or at the beginning stages, of using assistive technology tools.  We will explore the assistive technology tools embedded in Office 365, and the extensions Immersive Reader for websites, and OrbitNote for reading pdfs.  Each tool will be introduced and followed up with a practice activity to do during the workshop. These activities are intended to provide examples and ideas about how to introduce the tools to students.  We will also model the steps for adding the Immersive Reader and OrbitNote extensions to your browser. We will end with a look at the tools available in Read and Write for Google, and how participants can access a free account for educators.  Working with a partner at a shared computer is recommendedPlease note that the pace of the workshop will reflect the focus on helping new and beginning users of these assistive technology tools. If possible, please consider working in partners, on a shared device, or working together remotely during the practice portions.

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  • Kulbir Johal