SETA Summit: Reviving Dead Feminists

“Why would I want to learn about what some dead men said five hundred years ago?” It is about time we stop answering: “Because it’s in the curriculum” or “Because I said so!” This workshop attempts to revive and revitalise seemingly outdated members of the literati: Old Dead White Men. The revival consists of doing away with readings and memorization – something Oxonians practised to differentiate themselves from common folk. The revitalisation consists of focusing on key modern themes, one of them being feminism. Spark the flame of future feminists and paragons of equality and gain a few exemplar resources at the same time!

Target Audience

Grades 8-12


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Room 224

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  • James Kim

    James Kim is an English/French teacher at Lord Tweedsmuir. His foci and passions lie in Victorian and Elizabethan literature, having discovered them at UBC during his time as a Literature major. He furthered pursued his passion for teaching in the UK, where he taught Literature and Classical Studies for four years. Coming back to Vancouver, he rediscovered social-emotional learning and has been expanding his knowledge and skills on how to support students in the classroom. He also loves Transformers and LEGO.