Conceptual Understanding Through Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire rods are engaging and versatile tools for exploring key math concepts and big ideas across the grades. In this hands-on workshop, you'll participate in and discuss several play- or inquiry-based activities designed to deepen your students' understanding of mathematics. Topics may include composing and decomposing numbers; operations with whole numbers; skip counting, factors, and multiples; fractions; ratios and proportions; and measurement. 

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12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Room 124

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  • Chris Hunter

    Chris Hunter has been teaching in Surrey for more than twenty years. Currently a numeracy helping teacher, formerly a high school math teacher and department head, Chris collaboratively works with–and learns from–teachers of mathematics from Kindergarten to Calculus; it is his privilege to be invited to teach in many different classrooms throughout Surrey. Chris is passionate about designing experiences that engage learners in mathematical problem solving, reasoning, and communication. Chris is also an active member of the “MathTwitterBlogoSphere,” an online community of math educators; he tweets at @ChrisHunter36 and blogs at