Listening with the Intent to Understand and Not Just Reply

Cst. DERRICK will utilize the oral tradition of sharing stories and experiences. Providing a historic background so the participants may learn from the past, understadn the present and work toward a healthy future.

Cst. DERRICK utilizes his experience, story telling and ability to create a sense of equality that allows the listener to leave with a sense of enlightenment and empowerment.


Target Audience

All Grades

To Bring/Important Notes

Patience and williness to understand.


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Room 102

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  • Troy DERRICK

    Troy DERRICK is a member of the Gitxsan First Nation and has been serving the Surrey Community in Shared Territory of Semiahmoo, Kwantlen and Katzie First Nations as a Constable with the Surrey RCMP for over 14 years.
    Cst. Troy DERRICK's primary role has been relationship development, community engagement and healthy communication.
    Cst. DERRICK utilizes the oral tradition of story telling and sharing during his presentations.
    During his service with the RCMP, Cst. DERRICK has been able to build lasting relationships with both our local indigenous communities and the Diverse urban indigenous population. Cst. DERRICK has experienced multiple and diverse challenges that have been brought from various communities from the indigenous and non-indigenous communities.
    Cst. DERRICK has a unique skill that has been implemented beyond the City of Surrey. Provincial and National level agencies have requested consultation of Cst. DERRICKs unique No Blame, No Shame concept.