If You Only Knew The Power of Visualizing: A New Hope for Math Class (Grades 3-7)

When students visualize mathematics, they gain a richer and deeper understanding of it. Examining any mathematical concept from a variety of perspectives enriches its study. By comparing how they see a mathematical idea with how others see it, students make important math-to-math—and math-to-self!—connections. They come to see themselves as mathematicians with interesting ideas of their own and develop an appreciation for different—sometimes surprising!—perspectives. This appreciation for different perspectives transcends the learning of mathematics. In this interactive session, we’ll explore how you and your students can visualize concepts from BC’s intermediate math curriculum (e.g., multiplication and division concepts; fact fluency; multiples, factors, primes, and composites; fractions and ratios; patterns; measurement; etc.). Resources to promote visualization in your classroom will be shared.

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10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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  • Chris Hunter