Trilingual Me! Moi, trilingue!

This workshop is for Elementary and Secondary Core French teachers who are interested in learning about a unique bilingual children’s book and the benefits of incorporating it into your Core French classes. You will receive a copy of "Trilingual Me! Moi, trilingue" when you register for this workshop and the opportunity to meet and speak with the author, Inna Figotina! This book focuses on embracing diversity and inclusion. 

  1. Bienvenue/Welcome!
  2. Bilingual Read Aloud of “Trilingual Me! Moi, trilingue!”
  3. How to Apply “Trilingual Me! Moi, trilingue!” in your class (Lesson Demonstration)
  4. Benefits of Dual-Language Books in the Classroom
  5. Q & A with Inna


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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  • Lily Kamarn
  • Inna Figotina

    INNA FIGOTINA is a certified French as a Second Language educator who is sharing her journey to becoming trilingual to inspire others who are on their own journey of learning a new language. She was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and she immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her parents when she was 7 years old. After a challenging birth, she faced challenges in her speech development which she overcame with the help of her family and a dedicated speech language pathologist. In her first year living in Canada, she started learning both English as her second language and French as her third language at school. She discovered her love of learning languages and she decided to become a language teacher when she grew up. She graduated with degrees in French Studies and in Education, specializing in teaching French as a Second Language as well as receiving a Certificate of Bilingualism in French and English and she completed her Masters of Education in French, specializing in Modern Languages Education. She wrote this dual-language book as part of her thesis project after years of doing research on the topic of immigrant students in the French as a Second Language program.