Equity-Let's Talk! Nurturing Community Through Conversation (K-3)

“A great discussion is one of the best ways to engage people of all ages, to make student learning visible, and to create community.” (Wendy Ostroff, 2020). This session will explore conversation as a vehicle for building relationships and encouraging the development of children’s oral language skills. We will unpack how teachers might facilitate conversation amongst learners (without taking over!) and how to spark discussions with questions and talking points that tap into richer exchanges of ideas. We will also look at how this can be accomplished through remote connections and explore strategies to bridge home-based learning with in-class experiences. Come to share your ideas or ask questions in breakout discussions and leave prepared to facilitate your new class’ learning through talk. 

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10:00 AM - 1:30 PM

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  • Courtney Jones
  • Ginny Tambre