Calendar and Beyond: Routines for Numeracy in Early Primary

Are you dissatisfied with your daily calendar routine? Do you have a diverse group of young learners with a wide variety of learning needs? Curious about these routines everyone is talking about or wondering how they might work in your classroom? Our youngest learners are in a dynamic and exciting stage of learning, where they are developing ideas about Numeracy and about themselves as Mathematicians. In this workshop we will explore how to use routines to facilitate the development of Number Sense on a deep level for all learners. Whether you want to tweak your Calendar time for more student engagement or try a new routine entirely, this workshop will support the thinking through and implementing of those changes in your classroom.

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12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Room 108

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  • Jessica Kyle

    I am currently one of Surrey's Numeracy Helping Teachers. In my 16 years of teaching, I have taught grades 1-7 and provided professional development to teachers in Surrey in a variety of areas, particularly with regards to changes in in how we teach Math.  During my MEd., I studied community, formative assessment and differentiation strategies in the classroom.  I am constantly working to create a classroom that is creative, responsive, social and rigorous.  I believe that student efficacy, creativity and thinking are necessary parts of learning and of Math.