Coast Salish Weaving and Coding using lynx coding (morning and afternoon sessions)

This year Aboriginal Learning is piloting a project to support the ADST First Peoples Guide.  I have created a number of lesson plans for Coast Salish weaving and coding.  In the morning session, you will learn how to create a small weaving sample.  Materials will be sent to your school prior to the session.


In the afternoon, I will introduce you to Lynx coding.  One of the perks of Lynx coding is that there is no software to download.  Students can use their Surrey email account to register.  As a teacher, you create a club for your students to join.  Lynx is different from Scratch in that it is not block coding. 


To support this workshop, I have created a website that will be shared for the session that demonstrates weaving and coding techniques.  


This is a cross curricular unit and preference will be given to teacher librarians who manage maker spaces in their schools.  

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

Weaving kit that was sent to your school.



10:00 AM - 1:30 PM

This session is full.


  • Nadine McSpadden

    Nadine McSpadden:

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