Equity-Reading Towards an Inclusive, Representative Language Arts Experience (grades 3+)

We send messages to our learning community with authors and titles we introduce to our readers.  The #DisruptTextsmovement reminds us that all learners deserve education that reflects the rich diversity of human experiences.  Examining multiple stories and retellings encourages readers to develop stronger understanding by contextualizing what they read and view.  Collections can reflect the best of readers’ lives and experiences, and also introduce perspectives and experiences outside their immediate realities- opportunities Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop (1990) referred to as mirrorsand windows.  During this session we will consider cross-curricular literacy opportunities to foster empathetic and critical thinking when we look at 

-curating learning materials to access diverse texts while avoiding a “single story

-collaborative structures and thinking routines that foster meaningful understanding

-quick writes to process ideas and share thinking

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10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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  • Celine Feazel