Accessing the Power of Picture Books in Intermediate Classrooms

Consider some of the many possibilities that picture books offer to intermediate readers.  Uncover opportunities for readers to grapple with complex ideas through an approachable text format.  We will consider resources that exist in your school, as well as straightforward strategies and frameworks to facilitate the exploration of sophisticated themes that elicit deep thinking.  These opportunities support learners as they construct their understandings, while participating in meaningful discussions in mixed ability groupings.  Oral language, reading and writing capacities grow while you foster a community of thinkers and collaborators. 


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Room 102

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  • Celine Feazel

    I am a Surrey Schools’ Helping Teacher in Literacy with 10 years of experience here in Surrey, preceded by 6 years teaching in Taipei.  In my current role I have the privilege of collaborating with Surrey educators who are considering ways in which to design meaningful learning experiences that not only strengthen literacies of their learners, but also honour and utilize the diverse knowledges of those learners.