Courageous Conversations on Understanding Anti-Racism in Schools

What is Anti-Racism? What are the layers of explicit and systemic biases? As an educator, we have the privilege of helping to shape young minds and being a positive role model for students. This workshop will introduce the basics of Anti-Racism and how schools can make small changes towards a more empowering future. 

Racism can be a sensitive topic for many of us, so participates are welcome to ask questions and/or just listen in on the conversation. Everyone is welcome!

Target Audience

Elementary and Secondary


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

This session is full.


  • Edmund Szutu

    I have been with the Surrey School District for over 10 years as both a classroom teacher and a school counsellor. Both my parents immigrated to Canada before starting a family and they always stressed the importance of an education for a better future. I approach education and social justice by wondering how we can build better working relationships.