Math Routines For Building Strong Foundations on Shifting Sands

What is a Math Routine?  Why do they work? Which ones do I start with? How am I supposed to use them if we end up learning remotely?  If you are asking any of these questions, this workshop will help you answer them.  We have undergone so many changes over the last few years.  Routines offer both ourselves and our students frameworks that we can connect to as we move through the shifting sands of pandemic education.  The Math Routines introduced in this workshop are both simple to begin and rich in potential.  They allow all learners to participate in thinking about and discussing mathematical ideas. Equally important, they allow all students to excercise their Mathematical Competencies and increase their depth of knowledge about how Math works.  Although the routines in this workshop are selected specifically to support primary teachers to help students develop strong number sense, they are valuable for learners in all grades.  Participants will leave with an understanding of what makes an effective Math Routine, how to get started and resources for going deeper.  All elementary educators are welcome to participate in this experiential workshop.

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12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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  • Jess Kyle