Write Outside! Opportunities for Multimodal Text Creation Outdoors (Grades 3 - 7)

Outdoor, place-based learning experiences allow us to center well-being, connectedness and identity in our cross-curricular explorations.  Experiential learning prioritizing connection to place fosters understanding of roles and responsibilities relating to our local environment in the context of a variety of facets of our curriculum.  Multimodal text creation while outside allows your learners to develop, capture and extend their understanding and curiosity.  Together we will consider:

  • routines to build stamina and capacity for focused outdoor learning
  • cross-curricular learning opportunities
  • invitations to create accessible and flexible multi-modal texts that serve a variety of purposes
  • possibilities for digging deeper into outdoor learning or taking your first steps

Target Audience



12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

This session is full.


  • Celine Feazel