The History of Indigenous Labour In BC: The Importance of Teaching About It

In this workshop, we will be introduced to the history of First Nation involvement in the colonial economy in B.C. and the roots of activism and resistance. Indigenous labour leaders and their attempts to organise will be discussed. Sarah will introduce her new lesson Indigenous Workers in the Early History of British Columbia developed for the new Social Studies 9 curriculum in this session.

Target Audience

Grades 9-11


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Room 216

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  • Sarah Purdy

    Sarah Purdy is Secondary Social Studies teacher at Byrne Creek Secondary school. In addition to Social Studies courses 8-11, she also teaches History, Law and Social Justice 12. She has been an active member of the Labour History Working group and authored a number of lessons including a full unit for Social Justice 12.

  • Carolyn Sousa

    Carolyn works as an Indigenous Helping Teacher for Surrey Schools, and has worked in Indigenous Education since 2001. Each summer, Carolyn finds joy teaching two 20th Century World History 12 classes for Surrey School’s Summer Learning. In the past, Carolyn has worked as a First Nations Counselor and taught Social Studies 8-11, English 11, Foods 8-10, and Culinary Arts 10. Carolyn has recently joined the Labour History Working group.
    Carolyn has mixed lineage: half-Icelandic (paternal); and Swedish, Welsh, British, Scottish, and Lummi First Nation (maternal).